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Maleic Acid Resin For Road Marking And Varnish

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Maleic Acid Resin For Road Marking And Varnish

Maleic acid resin is yellowish to reddish-brown transparent solid.,Which is made after esterification with glycerol, using quality gum rosin as raw material with maleic anhydride.Soluble in tar solvents, ester solvents, turpentine and vegetable oil, partially soluble in petroleum solvents, insoluble in alcoholic solvents, well mix with nitro cotton, it is best used in spray paint. As its resistance to be yellow, suitable in make printing iron, varnish and colorful baking finish. It is mainly used in the industry of paint-making (road marking paint, lacquer, varnish, etc.), printing ink and paper polishing paints, etc.

Characteristic Services:

1. OEM Service.
2. Design according to the customers' requirements.
3. 13 years' professional experience in research, manufacturing and marketing kinds of Gum Rosin,Rosin Resin,Ion resin,etc.
4.Free samples provide.

Quick Details

MOQ: 5 Ton

Month output: 1000 Ton

Payment terms: T/T;L/C

Delivery time: 10-20 days after deposit

Packaging method:Craft bag,25KG/bag

Color: yellow brown

Description:1.light color,light odor,high softening point.

          2.Soluble in aromatic solvents, slightly soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents and alcohols.

          3. good compatibility with a variety of polymers


Road marking resin

Note:above specification can be adjust by customers requirements

Application: 1.nitro group paint.

          2.varnishes.color paint

          3.road paint.stress paint

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